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Electrical Vehicle Chargers – Tips in Buying Your Own EV Charger

A lot of car owners are complaining of spending a huge amount of money every month for their gasoline. As a matter of fact, there are some who just want to go using a cab instead of their own cars in order to save money. Have you think of using your car but not having to fill the gas tank with expensive gasoline? This must be the reason why car designers have developed an electric vehicle.

This is the great thing with electric vehicles, – you can save money from your usual gasoline expenses. But, you need to take note that when using an electric vehicle, you may not be able to charge beyond the specified time and travel long distances.

Since electric vehicles are becoming popular in different parts of the world, there are now public stations where to refill the battery. Aside from the public stations, you can also have your own battery refilling station at home. Having your own refilling station allows you to plug in your battery overnight which is more convenient. The question now is, how to choose the right EV charger?

This is something that you should give much importance because you will find a number of choices in the market. Looking into the choices available will sure confuse you. This is true to you when you don’t determine how to choose the right one before shopping for it. Following is a guideline about how to choose the EV charger best suited for your needs and expectations.

EV Charger’s Cost

Just like any other chargers, the price will sure vary. If you are looking for an EV charger which is durable, then the price can play around $600 – $700. However, it is your choice to spend more or less than this price. Take note that there might be no installation services for a cheaper EV charger. Its price will increase when it has several features included. So, check the features before deciding.

EV Charger Amperage Capacity

It is recommended to choose a charger which can handle 30 amps. This 30 amp service will add 30 miles in an hour.

The Charging Cable Length

Before you pick an EV charger, determine where your vehicle will be parked. After, know the exact place where to install your EV charger. Then, measure how long is the distance between your vehicle and your EV charger. Often, cables are 15 – 25 feet long. Make sure that the cable will reach your car.

These things are very essential, however, you need also to consider on the connectivity and portability of the EV charger you are going to choose. No matter what is your final decision, it is essential to be sure that it can provide for your particular needs.

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