3 Things to Ask Your Attorney if Traffic Tickets are Their Specialty

Most everyone has received a traffic ticket at least once in their driving career. It’s normal to have a little slip every now and again. The thing is, when you have that little slip, you usually end up paying a fine or more. this is the point where you should turn to an attorney for help with your case and to better navigate your hearing if you plan to petition the ticket. There are a few questions to ask to find out if traffic tickets are their specialty.

Can they keep you out of court?

Most of the best attorneys, traffic or otherwise, should be able to keep you from ever going to court. One of their purposes is to keep you from actually appearing in front of a judge and jury. They should be able to get you a waiver to appear form to sign to keep you from entering a courtroom when you could be elsewhere. Everyone has better things to do, school, work, kids; let yourself be useful where it counts and when it counts.

How are their work relationships?

A good attorney has a good, close working relationship with the prosecutors in your district or county as well as with the judges. It is important to know that your attorney can juggle your case properly. Good attorneys know their opposition and workmates well enough to know how to get you off without too big a fine or any fine or jail time at all. They should be on good terms with the people who are taking up your case so that they can talk to and make deals with them.

How well informed are they?

Great lawyers of any kind are good at being well informed and keeping you well informed in all aspects of your case. A common complaint is the lack of communication between attorney and client when it matters. You should not be hearing about a deal you didn’t agree to the day of your trial or from a letter in the mail. A good attorney will keep you updated every step of the way and will know how to maneuver themselves to be helpful in every way possible.

When looking for an attorney, be sure to ask them these simple questions to ensure that you will receive the best help possible.