A Major Success for a Customer

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, you’ll need a lawyer promptly. Many decide on Aric Cramer attorney when they are in this situation. Aric Cramer is well known within the St. George community for his ruthless legal representation and major wins. Less than a year ago. Aric Cramer defended a client who has been accused of aggravated sexual assault. The older man was in fact on the road with his better half and, on exiting a hotel, kissed a maid just on her cheek in order to thank the woman for her help. The client ended up being charged with aggravated sexual assault about a week later after the maid submitted legal charges, claiming this client attacked her. Co-workers supported the gentleman’s account once the guy employed Mr. Cramer and sat down with them to discover the facts. Once this info was revealed, the claim went to a preliminary hearing when the prosecutor then requested that all court charges be removed. It was actually Mr. Cramer’s time and energy and diligence which in turn saved this mature gentleman from shame and also from being made to serve a penitentiary term of one to 15 years! Individuals see that they can trust in him to get at the facts in regards to the court case. Anyone looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney, one that has a established track record, should consider making use of Aric Cramer. He works extremely hard to ensure all consumers receive a fair trial.