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How to Make a Tailored Suit by Yourself

Making your own tailored suit is not an easy thing to do. But a person who perseveres, carefully working out the instructions will be rewarded with an impressive suit to wear. If you want to save on a suit purchase or a tailor made one, do it yourself and get all the savings that you need. All you need is a few yards of good quality cloth, threads and trims, and you are set to create a suit that can fit you perfectly. You just need to give it a lot of care and follow directions and at the end you will have a fine suit that you have made yourself.

You will need good fabric for your suit and its lining. Choose a woven fabric with natural fiber content. Inexpensive fabric like polyester do not breathe well and can be uncomfortable during the warm weather. Wool is a good fabric because it can last you a lifetime if you take good care of it, and its price is reasonable too. A Cashmere suit would be a very expensive, yet a very beautiful suit. For lining you can choose polyester blends but silk lining fabric is better is you want material that breathes well.

The next thing to do is to take your measurements. Men’s suit patterns are sold by chest size and sleeve length while for the women, the top and bottom sizes are considered. If you let someone assist you in taking your measurements, then you can have more accurate measurements.

Next, you need to pin the pattern pieces to the fabrics and the interfacing. You need interfacing for reinforcement or to stiffen certain parts of the suit like the collar or waistband. The notes on the pattern will tell you where to place your pins. The notes on the pattern would indicate fold lines or double pieces of fabric so that you can cut through several layers at once.

Cut the fabric alone the lines of your chosen size. If there are no pattern lines for seam allowances, make sure that you put that allowance when you cut the fabric. Use pinking shears for fabrics that unravel. It is difficult to cut fabrics that unravel like acetate and satin.

Follow the directions and stitch the fabrics together without inserting the lining. Try the suit on to see its fit and take note on what needs to be adjusted. If there are areas you cannot see, let an assistant check it. Adjustments have to be made, and the lining inserted making sure that everything is followed carefully. You will soon be wearing that beautiful tailored suit that you have carefully made yourself.

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