Abbotts Agents in Bury St Edmunds Assess the Beginning an End Over Quality/Quantity

The argument of quantity over quality is very much a major element of real estate. In the various districts of Eastern London, Essex, and the greater UK, this balance is one of that can permeate entire towns and districts. So which one is better for the majority of home buyers? The answer is not quite as simple as one would think.

Quantity makes for decreased competition in general. Quantity can also boast a wider range of home types and styles through a vast array of prices. When quantity is factored in to a high degree, homes can be found in the million euro ranges, such as Suffolk’s wonderful 999,000 euro six bedroom escape, or in the 100,000 euro range, such as Hornchurch’s cozy one bedroom loft selections.

But quality is a whole other story entirely. The gut reaction of many home buyers is to say that the market is preferable when quality is strongly accounted for over quantity. The problem with this logic in some accord is that it ignores market discrepancies and variables. If the homes are limited, prices rise accordingly. Of course, when the homes are of high quality the prices are already at a fever high. This formula creates a market with high demand and little turnover. Prices for buyers can escalate outside their comfort zone and limit the number of options major buyers have at their disposal.

So the question is asked again- which one is preferable in the marketplace? St. Edmunds is arguably one of the more definitive regions for assessing this very question projected by Abbotts agents in Bury St Edmunds. It impresses with a restrained market. Abbotts Countrywide currently has only 45 listings. This is smaller than most surrounding markets. But it showcases quite a high level of quality which is reflected in the prices. A typical home in the region may go for 600,000 euros. Typical, of course, being a three bedroom classic Victorian home on a few acres of beautiful valley. The prices become secondary in such an excellent town. A modest population, a scattered landscape of beauty, and some of the most domineering homes in the entirety of the Essex and greater London area. What is there not to love?