Accepting All Cases From Traffic Violations to DUIs to Criminal Defense Cases

Have you just been arrested for DUI or a DWI, robbing a neighbor, a bank or for shooting someone? This doesn’t mean it’s the end. You are still presumed innocent until the courts and a jury of your peers find you guilty. Of course, evidence that you committed a crime must be entered that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are guilty. Do you realize that you can have a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney who will give you the advice you need? He’ll tell you not to say a word to anyone or offer up any excuses or facts about your arrest and what led up to it.

An attorney works with people involved in many arrests, from traffic violations to DUIs to criminal defense cases. Each case is different and each person is different, but each one deserves to be treated fairly, because it’s the law. There are things an attorney can do to get you out of jail as quickly as possible. If you’ve heard of ‘bail’ this is money that is paid to the courts as an insurance that you won’t run as soon as you’re sent home. Many clients must wear an ankle bracelet monitored by the police that notifies them if a person goes out of the boundary set for him/her.

If a suspect runs, this affects the bail that may have been posted by family and friends which assured the courts a suspect would absolutely not run away. Always remember that you’re innocent until proven guilty. If you already know you’ll be found guilty, talk to your attorney about it and he/she will most likely enter a ‘plea’ bargain. This may get you, the client, a different sentence, depending on the crime. For instance, if a person was murdered and you know you did it and you may be facing the death penalty, by plea bargaining you’ll probably receive a life sentence with or without parole.

A parole is something that allows a person to get out of jail before serving the entire sentence. If the convicted person violates parole, this is not good, because they will then be sent back to jail where they’ll have to serve the entire balance of their sentence. Hiring the best attorney to represent you can be a matter of life or death.