Are You Being Investigated? Contact a Criminal Lawyer in Orange County

There are few things that are scarier than realizing that the police are investigating you in connection with a crime. Whether you did it or not, there is always a possibility that they will come to the conclusion that you are the guilty party and attempt to hold you responsible for whatever happened. It’s not a good idea to try to deal with the authorities on your own. At the first sign that someone is asking questions, the best move you can make is to contact a criminal lawyer in Orange County for help.

People often have an idea in their heads that seeking the protection of an attorney is almost the same thing as admitting to being guilty. You may have sometimes heard cases on the news being discussed where someone would ask why a suspect was refusing to answer questions if he’s really innocent. The sad truth of the criminal justice system is that it doesn’t always get the right answer. Sometimes, helping the police and answering everything honestly just leads to information that makes you look guiltier, even when you’re not. The best way to make sure that you don’t accidentally do something to incriminate yourself is to have a professional by your side who can guide you on when it’s a good idea to answer questions and when you should refuse.

The sooner an attorney gets involved in the situation, the easier it is for him to protect you. Prosecutors and police officers are as fallible as any other human. Once they believe they’ve found the right suspect, they’re not very motivated to continue looking for other possible answers, or to make an effort to disprove themselves. Having a lawyer on your side means that there’ll be someone involved who can ask questions on your behalf and offer an objective assessment about the strength of their case as it is developing. It’s much more difficult for a lawyer to be effective when he has to jump in after the other side has already fully assembled their case.

Don’t fall into the trap of hoping that people will take your willingness to refrain from defending yourself as proof of innocence. If you want to make sure that your interests are being protected, you need to have a lawyer on your side who can make that happen.