Aric Cramer Asks the Probing Questions and Finds the Silver Lining

The truth is that if a potential client is facing Aric Cramer in his office, something went wrong somewhere along the line. This powerful line of truth can really determine the course of the future. What went wrong? How did it go wrong? Once that foundation is established, Aric Cramer can answer the most important question of all- what is going to be done about it?

A recent article about Aric Cramer addressed all his discipline. This includes violations, DUI, probation, drug possession, embezzlement, white collar crime, burglary, assault, and a number of others. The common thread in all of these case types is that there is a silver lining. There is almost always a hole somewhere that can be explored. A professional lawyer asks the right questions to pursue a sense of justice and responsibility. The other thread is that all these cases result in a victim of some kind. The plaintiff will be personally hurt by a situation, and that will cause them (and their lawyer) to put the hammer down. It is to be expected, but Cramer wants fairness. He will do everything possible to find the silver lining of hope in a case. He picks and probes at the situation to drive at a great outcome. He asks questions such as:

  • Who is providing executive orders in the business to create an environment where white collar crime exists?
  • Did the officers follow through with a full report, followed by an active witness, in their DUI arrest?
  • Who else was present during the drug possession charge? Would the client be considered the core of the possession?

Some lawyers may ask the general questions, and they will build a weak case around these basic facts. For example, are there past convictions? Is the client sorry for their actions? Though these are sometimes important, they do not drive a case. Truthfully, the client is rarely seen as a victim. He or she is in a bad spot, and they need help in shifting the conversation. Aric Cramer understands the psychological duality of this situation, and he probes the right spots to find a light at the end of the tunnel.