Caring for the Environment: Terex Bucket Trucks

In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on “going green” and doing your bit for the environment. As “going green” seems to be the new buzzword, many companies have jumped onto the bandwagon to contribute by using bucket trucks that are environmentally friendly. Terex is one of the biggest manufacturers that kick started this trend of green bucket trucks with better efficiency.

As part of its overall environmental commitment, Terex bucket trucks share a strong commitment to preserve and protect the environment. Recognizing the importance of a sustainable fleet, many companies have welcomed the use of these buckets trucks. Other than helping to reduce carbon footprint, it is also cost effective for the firm with a better fuel efficiency. As compared to traditional gasoline or diesel engines, hybrid power systems can achieve up to fifty percent of fuel economy improvements.

The batteries in these green bucket trucks can be recharged by the vehicles itself. They supply the energy to power the aerial lift, eradicating the need for a generator. Without the use of a generator, there is less noise and air pollution for the environment. In some models, there is a regenerative brake feature where energy that is used to reduce speed facilitates in the charging of the batteries. Many companies have applauded such features as it provided a side benefit of having less wear and tear for the braking system of the bucket truck. The batteries can also be plugged on during any time of the day, including the night.

By using the bucket trucks that reduces harmful emissions, you are achieving a win win situation for the company as well as the general well being of your staff. By improving the surrounding air quality, you are creating a better environment for them to work in. With technological advances, more companies are making their shift to vehicles that are reliable, durable, use less energy and environmental friendly. If you are looking for bucket trucks, do consider doing your bit for the environment before making the final decision. It reflects well of your company’s values and goals as well as opens up a huge market of possibilities out there.