Common Materials Used by a Commercial Roof Contractor in Portland

Traditional roofs were constructed using the same materials used for residential roofing. Some of the common materials included wood, slate, asphalt, clay and others. However, as commercial structures grew larger and their structural designs changed, so did the type of materials, the shape and the style of their roofing materials. Therefore, unlike in the past, commercial roofing contractors are deploying different building techniques to accommodate the changes in the commercial buildings to meet the individual needs of different people.

Today, large buildings are tending to have flatter roofs and these types of roofs are presenting unique challenges that require an experienced commercial roof contractor in Portland to put in place strong, durable and versatile roofing materials when building roofs. One of the roofing types that is becoming popular in commercial roofing is PVC roofing also known as membrane roofing. In this type of roofing, the PVC is rolled out and sealed to form a waterproof seam that makes it leak-free. The benefits of PVC roofing materials are lightweight, durable, strong and are resistant to UV rays.

The other popular material used in commercial roofing is metal. Metal roofs may be made from steel, iron, aluminum, or metal alloys (blended metals). Metal roofing materials are lightweight and allow homeowners to spend less on support structures. They are also flexible and this means that metal roofs can be custom made to fit the needs of the owner of the building. They can be curved into unique shapes, styles allowing a structure to have unique appearance from the rest of the buildings.

Although clay and ceramic tiles have been largely associated with traditional roofing, these roofing materials are slowly but steadily finding their way into contemporary commercial buildings. Both clay and ceramic tiles are heavy, but are durable and can be used to build different roof styles.

When looking for a commercial roofing contractor in Portland, make sure to check the credentials of the contractor from the qualifications of the staff, license, insurance and other key requirements that you feel are important to your specific commercial roofing project. With the right roofer, you can rest assured that your roof will be leak and maintenance free. A good commercial roofing company will also make sure that your roof is meets the industry code in Portland and is energy efficient.