Contact Issa Asad and a Would-Be Entrepreneur Might Hear Something Surprising

Becoming a successful entrepreneur does not need to mean devoting an entire life to the pursuit. While it is true that most entrepreneurs are highly driven, ambitious people, plenty get their start through part-time activities. Some of the most notable and impressive entrepreneurial ventures of all, in fact, have historically been established by founders who held down full-time jobs all the while.

Well-known Florida entrepreneur and executive Issa Asad recently made this point on his Twitter feed, a post that got a lot of attention. Quite a few people on the online social network begged to differ at first, believing that this was an unrealistic take on what it took to become succesful.

The disbelief did not last long, though. Before much time had passed, a number of others had rushed to the defense of the original post, offering up case studies of real, existing businesses that showed the truth behind it. With some of these companies now boasting annual revenues of tens of millions of dollars, it soon became clear that Asad had not been merely stirring the pot with this first tweet.

With those who contact Issa Asad or another successful entrepreneur, one is likely to hear that hard work makes the biggest difference of all. Even so, working smart matters nearly as much, meaning that even those who cannot devote all their waking hours to a new business have a chance to succeed.

Oftentimes, that will require looking at the goal from a different perspective than the usual one, though. It may mean that an entrepreneur will need to start a business with a more intense focus than might otherwise be desirable, so some momentum can be built up with the relatively limited resources available.

It can also mean looking for ways, even early on, to leverage the talents of others. While most entrepreneurs do lobby for a lean and mean approach as a general matter when starting out, there are times when it can pay to make early investments. For entrepreneurs who do not have a full forty or more hours per week to devote to their dreams, the payoffs can be especially great, as many have found out.