How To Convert AVI To MP4 File Based On Different Operating Systems?



People are focused towards different types of systems and technologies present in the market. They are very much interested to keep update as per the changes in the daily routine life. The people are interested to share videos and other stuffs to the close circle. Some of the people would like to watch their favorite TV shows from internet on their devices. This would make people to face the issue with compatibility and this would vary from one device to another device. We need to understand that most of the people who are using ipad or other Mac devices are facing compatibility problems and this is because of different types of operating system used in the same device. Hence, people need to go behind the open source video converter software. Among many kinds of converter, Movavi video converter would be considered as user friendly software and able to provide the output in a faster manner.

Different Types Of Formats Supported By Movavi Video Converter

With the help of this converter, we would be able to convert the video files into different formats like AVI, DVD, MP4, and WMV. For each kind of format, we need to select the desired output format in the software. AVI would be considered as common format present in the most of the devices and this would make people to convert the same AVI into different format in order to experience different kinds of features. Some of the people are also doing these conversions to enable some of the additional options imposed on it. For converting video files from AVI to MP4, we need to select the desired type of software based on the operating system being used by the device. We would be able to download the free option from their own website and follow the installation instructions in order to avoid any issues present in it.

Steps Used For Conversion Process

The steps present for this conversion and it includes: we need to install Movavi video converter as per the requirement. Then, we need to open desired AVI files which need conversion by using would add media button present in the software. We need to select MP4 format present in the bottom of converter window. We need to specify the output location where to be stored in the device. Then, we need to click convert button. Once everything has been done, we would be able to transfer the output file to any other devices and experience the performance and its quality output.