Copy Paste, Copy Paste: The Wrong Strategy in How to Get a Job as a Marketing Professional

As a general rule of thumb, copy pasting the same cover letter and resume contents is not advisable. It should be customized and altered based on the job being applied for. In the marketing industry, this is ridiculously true. It is essential to make a custom resume. Consider what the industry is all about. Consider the swarms of people who are vying for the attention of a select few positions.

A typical marketing task may mean turning a bad and boring cookie into the next greatest snack treat. Marketing is often about telling a story, and it is obviously about presenting something partly true and partly exaggerated. Employees have their presentation tools: their resume, cover letter, face, and words. They are marketing themselves to a professional. The actual resume is a reflection of how they can weave a story and present something to a stranger. Is the employer going to buy?

Copying the same resume shows a potential employer a few things. It shows that they are a little lazy. Professionals can add specific jobs or projects to their resume that may appeal to that respective company. The cover letter is also a fantastic place to find information about the company and what they expect from the future. The general-purpose language and whitewashing of the whole resume is transparent. How to get a job as a marketing professional involves anything but making a resume as boring as possible.

It is true that the employer may not know the resume is a copy job. But, the lack of any specific mentions of the company could shed a light on this truth. It is also not hard to see that a copied resume is generic and bland.

Some people may argue that this takes entirely too much time. Yes, it does. Yes, it will slow down the process dramatically. But, why apply for 50 jobs with a mediocre copy-paste resume as opposed to applying to one or two a week that are really strong. With the unemployment rates the way they are, it isn’t practical or sensible in any sense to shoot for quantity over quality.