Customer Service: TD Ameritrade in Phoenix Review

When you read a TD Ameritrade in Phoenix Review, you are likely to encounter at least one consistent benefit of this service: high levels of customer support. If you are interested in scaling back from a full-service brokerage firm or if you are new to trading, this should be one of your chief considerations.

TD Ameritrade offers unsurpassed customer support in several respects. For one thing, you can reach a live human being around the clock to ask questions, voice concerns, or receive instructions for a complicated trade. Many of the other brokerage houses offer live support only during business hours (or not at all).

If you do not want to make a phone call, you might also not be satisfied with e-mail support. Fortunately, TD Ameritrade offers a third option for client convenience. Live chat support is available to provide you with fast, easy guidance no matter the day or time.

They make it easy to join the service, as well, by offering live chat for prospective customers as well as no minimum balance to begin trading. If you are new to online brokerage firms, this is an excellent choice to help you learn the ropes.

TD Ameritrade offers numerous tools through their mobile and regular websites, including the ability to watch live, streaming television and to purchase or sell stocks with one click. They also have developed a tool to create simulated trades, which allows you to determine the potential risk or gain of a trade before you initiate it.

Remember that customer service is not just about availability when you have a problem. TD Ameritrade has set up both computer and mobile applications with streamlined user interfaces that are easy to navigate. They also publish educational materials, stock picks, and other informative data to help you make smart choices regarding your portfolio.

Since TD Ameritrade has earned numerous awards and accolades for customer service, they remain a chief contender in the market despite higher fees and commissions. This is particularly beneficial for new and inexperienced investors, but it can also benefit seasoned professionals who want fast access to assistance. You won’t have to worry about missing out on profitable transactions because you cannot figure out how to work a particular function in the system.