Discussing Vital Laws With A South Jersey Divorce Lawyer

All New Jersey petitioners hoping to dissolve their marriage must provide evidence indicating no less than one year of residency. The only exception to this requirement is when the plaintiff has overwhelming evidence, which proves adultery. Petitioners could acquire a quick ruling on these grounds by scheduling a hearing with the judge through their divorce attorney.

Divorce Grounds Identified In New Jersey

The most common grounds used for an uncontested divorce is an irretrievable breakdown. These grounds indicate that either party is assigning blame for the breakdown of the marriage. However, an uncontested divorce is possible, if another ground is identified. Alternately, when a crime is associated with the ground, this is not probable.

Desertion of the Spouse

Desertion indicates that the defendant abandoned the plaintiff for a period of at least one year. The couple cannot live together for any duration following the time in which the defendant left the home. In these cases, the court requires notification by the public. This requires the plaintiff to place an ad in the local newspaper to notify the defendant about the upcoming divorce. The ad must run for no less than a six-week period, after which a divorce is granted based upon default.

Alcohol or Drug Addiction

Addiction to any controlled substance outlined in New Jersey Drug Laws constitutes a ground for a divorce. The defendant must possess an addiction to one or more of these controlled substances or alcohol for one year prior to a motion for the divorce. Co-habitation must cease prior to the filing of the divorce petition.

Unlawful Imprisonment of a Spouse

According to the law, the duration of these circumstances must equate to a period of eighteen months or greater. The plaintiff is prohibited by these laws to file for a divorce, unless they cease cohabitation. This indicates that the imprisoned spouse must escape from their spouse prior to filing a petition.

The divorce laws of New Jersey impose restrictions on how petitioners are allowed to proceed. The grounds identified in the divorce require the petitioner to fulfill certain stipulations first. Residents who wish to file a petition should contact a south jersey divorce lawyer today.