Do You Need Legal Help?

Brown & Crouppen specializes in injury law in Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. Is Brown & Crouppen right for you? Here are some details about Brown & Crouppen to help you decide.

About the Company

Brown & Crouppen formed and began practicing law in 1979. They company has worked for decades in injury law and has seen the many changes over the years. There are over 100 legal pros working at Brown & Crouppen. The more people available to help the better chance you have of finding the right representation for you and your case. Besides practicing law, the employees at the company believe in helping others outside of the law. The company regularly volunteers at charity events and donates money to charity organizations.

Types of Cases

Brown & Crouppen focuses exclusively on injury cases. They have extensive knowledge in the most common injury cases, but are also willing to take on new issues that arise. Were you injured in a motor vehicle accident and feel it was not your fault? Were you injured at work and feel your employer owes you workers’ compensation? Brown & Crouppen also takes on cases for common defective products. Some examples include the Mirena IUD, airbags, Enfamil, pelvic mesh, and instant soup burn claims. You can also go to this law firm with drug claims. Many prescription drugs have proven to cause health problems including Zoloft, Fosamax, and Plavix. Any situation where you have become physically harmed and it’s someone else’s fault, you can go to Brown & Crouppen.

Case Results

The best judge of a law firm’s ability is the past cases. How many cases have they won or lost? How much money have they won for clients on a regular basis? Brown & Crouppen won $40 million for many clients harmed by a popular prescription medication. Individual cases have netted $1 million to $2 million for people harmed at work or at public places designed to be safe and weren’t. Brown & Crouppen also holds the record for the largest personal win in Southern Illinois for a woman that won $19 million in a medical malpractice case.

With this information on Brown & Crouppen, you can decide for yourself if they are the right law firm for you and your personal injury case. If you feel this law firm will help you win your case, call for a free consultation.