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What You Need to Know about Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Fertility

To a lot of men, it is usually challenging to know if you can get Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and still gets a family later. This has been brought about by the many confusing news that TRT does not mix with fertility. In case you are in a similar situation, it could be challenging for you. There is a need to look for help from an expert to know what is good for you. You need to have a better idea about the two to know the way forward for you.

Men who have low levels of testosterone have low sperm count. It is for this reason that men choose to look for different ways of increasing testosterone production on the body. Even when the idea sounds great, there is the need to know that it is not a simple procedure. The problem of low testosterone, therefore, is not replaceable by the Testosterone Replacement Therapy hence the need to look for other ways.

What happens usually is that the brain of a man, tells the testes to release the testosterone for a healthy sperm count. At times, the brain may stop signaling the tests and it reduces the testosterone release. As a result, a low sperm count will be registered. There is the need to consider doing the following thing to ensure that you get babies even when testosterone a low in your body.

There is the need to give a short to getting pregnant anyway. The fact that you are undergoing TRT does not mean that you are infertile. There are many men who still are able to get babies even when they still are undergoing the treatment. What TRT does is that it reduces your sperm count as a man.

The other thing you can consider doing is to freeze your sperm and store it for the time you want to have children. In case you start the treatment when you still have not yet had a baby, it is important to consider this option. However many men shy away when they learn of the cost involved.

The other thing you can decide to do is go for the HCG therapy. HMG therapy increases the production of sperm by increasing the levels of testosterone in your body. When the testosterone levels are high, they lead to increase in sperm production and also help to stimulate testicular growth.

With the above information will help you to get the best treatment to bring fertility back. You do not have to be affected by low testosterone condition anymore.

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