Employees Can Get Along

There are a number of business owners who may not have any idea how to get their employees in a state of mind where everyone knows how to get along and do waht is best for the company. These are stressed times. This is one of the reasosn that many employees compete with each other. They want to see who can outdo who. Some employers encourage this behavior, but if you want true untiy in your business, you should not encourage competitiveness unless it is healthy competition Read on to learn 6 tips for increasing employee morale.

You can encourage employees to get along with each other by offerring incentives. You can do weekly, monthly or daily incentives. You may choose to offer them something for high performance. That person who gets the most is not always the person who needs to be ackowledgted. Do not overlook the “underdog.” When You see that an employee has improved, Acknowledge them. The other employees will notice. A happy group of people is a loyal group of people.

ur adventure with Curious George started on Friday, August 16th. We were surprised to see George and wondered if he was going to be anything like he is in the books about him. MiKayla had plans to go to Atlanta to spend the weekend with her aunt, but we had to wait until her sister got in from school. Her sister who is in middle school thought it was neat that Ms. Moore’s class had got to take George home on weekends.

The road trip to Atlanta was a good one, and we made it there safely. When we got there, we were surprised to see Uncle Scott there. MiKayla introduced George to her Aunt Shelia and Uncle Scott.

Auntie Shelia is MiKayla’s FAVORITE aunt, and Uncle Scott is her favorite uncle. Mom went back home to Athens, GA and left Auntie Shelia and MiKayla in charge of George. Auntie Tammy was out of town. We thought she was not going to get to meet George.

These are the fun things that Auntie Shelia and Mikayla did with George.