Four Types of Sketches for an Artist to Create

Photos nowadays are taken on electronic devices like cameras and phones. Gone are the days when the only way to capture a picture was to have someone draw it. Hand-drawn pictures are beautiful creations, however, and would make an ideal gift for someone who appreciates art. Anyone looking for a sketch artist for their photo can choose from four main types of sketches. No matter which style is chosen, each will take a digital photo and turn it into a hand-drawn masterpiece.


A charcoal painting is done with lots of texture. The elements of the picture will all come to life in a painting done in this style. A charcoal is typically made in black and white, giving each picture an elegant look. A second option is available for charcoal. Rather than a charcoal sketch, a charcoal rendering is possible. The layers of the photo will come to life in this richly textured style of art.

Wild Pencil

A wild pencil creation is done in pencil only. It is a loose style that creates a funky effect. The photo will become black and white, with each line standing out. Wild pencil designs are best for those looking for a basic sketch of their picture.

Oil Painting

An oil painting will give a pop of color to any picture. The painting will closely resemble the digital copy of the photo, ensuring every color detail is included. It will look like the real picture, but with a softer tone.

Modern Illustration

The modern illustration is the most fun. A photo will go from a picture of a person, to a cartoon-like creation. Photos are turned into poster, magazine, and comic book designs with unique spins and pops of color.

Sketches created by a professional are ideal options for gifts, or simply for those who want to have their favorite photos recreated in a unique way. For anyone ever wondering, “how can I find a sketch artist for my photo,” visits can be made to The website provides photo inspiration and additional information on having a photo sketched by a talented artist.