Four Ways of Protecting your Car from Thieves

You can protect your cars from thieves by taking proactive steps. These proactive steps can take a variety of forms. Most of the steps are pretty obvious, yet still are commonly neglected. Do not allow yourself to become a statistic.

Lock your car

Always lock your car, even if the car is parked in your own driveway or apartment parking space. Do this especially if you live in an apartment. You do not necessarily know every neighbor in your complex. If you are a homeowner, most subdivisions do not have gates to deter outsiders. While you may know your neighbors well, you do not know everyone who comes through the neighborhood.

Do not leave valuables

Do not tempt thieves by leaving valuables in your car, ever. Especially do not leave items in plain view in your car. Thieves will not mind breaking your windows. If they have to break them to snatch a purse, mp3 player or cell phone, they will. These items should never be left in the car. Always take these items into your home first, and then return to your car to retrieve groceries or other items you need to carry into your home.

Do not leave a spare key

Do not leave a spare key anywhere on the car. If you can find the key, so can thieves. They might have an even easier time in finding a spare key on the car than you do. You are likely to hide the key in one of a couple of places. Professional thieves know exactly where those potential places are likely to be. You on the other hand, might forget where you put your spare key from time to time, making it more difficult for you and easier for thieves. All of this would be in spite of hiding the key as an aid to you.

Take advantage of smart keys

Car alarms are not known to be all that effective in dissuading thieves. But, smart electronic keys that control the ignition system have been shown to be more effective. If the key is not inserted, then the car will not start. Trying to hotwire the vehicle is not usually an effective strategy for most car thieves in such a situation. While these types of keys are expensive, they are effective deterrents to car thieves.


Car break-ins are typically not as devastating as a home break-in. However, that does not mean you should encourage them or tempt someone to take the whole car. Taking some common sense steps can help you avoid a whole car theft or a car invasion. Remembering to always lock your car, keep valuables with you, refrain from hiding a key on the car, and taking advantage of smart keys can help you prevent car theft and car break-ins. You can then focus on keeping your schedule and car maintained.

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