Get Help From Lawyers For Crane Accidents In Brooklyn, Staten Island And New York City

Many people were surprised in January when a 380-foot construction crane fell in Queens, New York. However, industry insiders say this is becoming routine. A newspaper investigation reports a spike in the number of these types of incidents. Much of the blame is placed on owners who fail to maintain the machines and crane operators who don’t use them safely. A worker’s leg was crushed when a crane turned over a load of concrete on him. Additionally, a worker fell thirty-two feet when he was hit by a swinging crane.

Experts blame a lack of safety enforcement for the increase in accidents in New York City. The number of crane inspectors is down to four from ten. Some inspectors quit and it’s been difficult to find replacements. If you or a loved have been injured, see the Brooklyn and Staten Island NYC crane accident lawyers. Make sure that your rights are protected. Unfortunately, a recent accident resulted in seven deaths. City officials must do something about stepping up inspections. Further, they need to make sure workers are properly trained. The law prevents workers from suing their employer. As a result, people who are injured at work, must sue the property owner, an equipment manufacturer or a subcontractor. Crane accident victims are entitled to damages for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. All too often, crane accidents result in severe injuries. If someone is hit or has a long fall, there will probably be a head injury. Electrocution can happen when a crane hits overhead power lines.

In April, a 160-foot tractor crane collapsed, killing one worker and seriously injuring another. Officials were outraged and wanted to know how the accident occurred. An investigation showed the job site had numerous safety problems.Government officials were accused of failing to inspect the work site and ignoring safety rules. An OSHA official said the death could have been avoided if the job used proper procedures. Surprisingly, there have been reports of crane accidents at the Ground Zero work site. Hopefully, government officials will fine the companies severely so they will start observing proper safety standards.