How To Make Money In A Down Economy Through Recession Proof Work Online

It’s no secret that the economy is in a slump. What’s worse is that this isn’t just affecting how people spend their money- it’s affecting how they earn it, how much they earn, and even the perceptions about how much potential they have at any given job. The offline job market has been hit hard.

More people than ever are out of work. These same people once held prestigious jobs they worked hard to get and one day found the companies they worked for had to downsize or demote those they didn’t lay off. What was once a main income stream that was more than enough is now only a fraction of what they need to just survive.

This has lead more people to take a leap of faith and seek out new jobs- plural. This is a very daunting thing to have to do, especially if you’re met with prospect after prospect turned rejection after rejection.

The next logical step would be to take their skill sets and attempt to start a business that would thrive in this economy, not become victimized by it. Many who’ve tried to get loans for this are met with the same problems. Many offline jobs aren’t exactly recession or down economy proof due to the overhead necessary to maintain the business and even the perception given to the customers about the company’s competence.

Where do you turn when all else has failed? It seems like all hope is lost but the reality is that there are actually people out there thriving in this economy in practically recession and down economy proof work. Where are they finding this marvel? The internet.

The internet, a place many thought of previously only as entertainment, a place to find information, and a portal of communication, is now being given its due consideration. More and more people are finding solace in the realization that the internet is not just a limited prospect but rather an entire eco system of potential that, in many cases, rivals the offline job market and supports/can do anything the offline world can conjure up. It’s simply a different playing field but follows many of the same laws of business/work less all the disappointment the offline job market often brings when the chips are down.

The internet is not in its infancy anymore, it’s maturing into a steep competitor to the offline world’s money making concepts. This includes marketing, jobs in any area you can think of, and more. The internet is, in many ways, a more competent playing field that better tailors to each individual’s needs and ambitions.

If you take the time to learn the landscape you will find many of the problems you’ve had with jobs such as lack of appreciation and lack of resources or the unfair necessity to have a college degree to even get the chance to prove you can do something, can be easily dissolved by taking steps to rebuild your skill set to merge into this attractive market.

On the internet the most popular and for many the most complementary job title to chase is called collectively Internet Marketing or “IM” for short. Internet marketing involves many different channels of income producing opportunities that incorporate management, treadmill work, and networking into one position. In it, you’re both your own boss and the worker you manage.

For many, the liberation from the shackles of the offline job market environment spells freedom, but those that don’t take a realistic stance on this concept quickly realize that this also means your support system- discipline, is no longer being catered to you through fear of losing your job, but rather you are now responsible for holding the brunt of that job. If you lose your discipline you will fail.

Once you learn the concepts that make internet marketing work, you can, like in any landscape, scale up to the point where your outsourcing the treadmill type work and spending more time managing your empire. This is not something you get handed to you- you will work hard to achieve it or you will fail like tens of thousands of others who made the mistake of thinking this was a free ride.

The difference is when you do achieve it, you will feel amazing and the sky is the limit. The only ceiling on income and opportunity are those you create yourself. You must discipline yourself to persevere and with tenacious effort pursue the path.

Many who enter the internet to find their niche for earning an income are often confused. The problem at first is a lack of awareness and knowledge about how things work. This makes you vulnerable in a shark infested ocean of opportunity. It’s not hard to protect yourself. You simply have to take the time, energy, and discipline to learn how things work, and how they don’t.

There is much to learn and it can feel overwhelming at first. The reason many find this difficult is that unlike a college course that grooms you for the career you choose to embark on, or the job that you’re hired to do that is structured, you are pretty much on your own. You have to learn how the internet works, how an income is generated, and what the path you need to take towards that end is.

For many, the confusion of trying to learn this skill set is overwhelming because it’s so different from what they’re used to. The next logical step many take is to find experts who are willing to share their knowledge. The problem is there are many who’ve made it and have created course after course to sell this information only to confuse the newbie even more, or worse that take them down the dark alley and rob them blind in the name of giving them the keys to the vault of wisdom.

The fact is, most of those courses, books, and videos are scams designed like a different kind of web- a spider web, or more accurately mimicking a black widow spider; to lure you in and take your money but push you away when you can no longer afford to purchase their next course.

So how do you avoid the scams without losing sight of the honest courses that are actually built to help you, not just the course marketer? It’s not easy. You have to develop a keener sense of who’s really trying to help you and whose not. You have to ignore all the glitter and promises and use a little common sense.

If a course/marketer/sales page is claiming get rich quick is absolutely possible- that’s a red flag. If they offer you a one stop shop of information with no way to implement what you read, and no support system or infrastructure that tells you that there will be work involved and there will be a need to maintain the “job” mentality just like any other offline career- that may be a red flag as well.

Making money online is not about shortcuts and quick money. The internet is no easier to make money on than the offline world in practice, but there are many benefits that expedite your ability to succeed over the offline world way of doing things. Regardless of what you choose to do to make money online, it’s a real business. You have to treat it like any business and put in the work, the time to learn the fundamentals of the business and you have to have a realistic view of what to expect.

Although there are many businesses designed like infomercial courses designed to give you information you can’t comprehend without experience, and leave you hanging in the wind, there are also just as many honest businesses set up by the very people who’ve found themselves in the same position (down economy, lost job, etc…) and actually want to help you. They’ve been there too, and they’ve likely been scammed as well.

These sites are not infomercial like courses but rather entire architectures with an infrastructure designed to both teach you the concepts and that give you the tools to implement them in a way that tapers up your experience and includes a support system you can call on when you’re confused, lost, or simply need direction. One such site is Super Apprentice. This site is like an online trade school of a sort.

You enter, and are pointed to a series of comprehensive but easy to integrate courses that explain in plain English what internet marketing is, give examples of the various types of income producing concepts within the landscape, and once you’ve finished the education portion, your pointed to a robust site builder that walks you through the steps to implementing the concepts. You’re not held by the hand but you are given ample wiggle room to flex your new found education into muscular skill sets. They make no grandiose promises that you’ll get rich, but if you apply the principals taught, you can definitely make a living at it.

You’re also not charged some ridiculous upfront fee to take it for a spin. You can get in there and look around for several days and are not limited to what you can see, read, or practice. Most courses will not give you this and often they know if they did you’d quickly demand a refund when you realized you didn’t get what you paid for.

You have to do your homework and learn what the red flags are when it comes to learning the trade through courses and membership sites. The bottom line is that common sense reigns true especially online. For many years people didn’t know how the web worked or how making money worked so some unscrupulous marketers took advantage of that ignorance and started marketing how the internet is this Disneyland of making money easily and with no work- that couldn’t be further from the truth. So, first things first.

Make sure they are not making “too good to be true” promises. Make sure they are not a fly by night company- check to make sure they’ve been around for some time, have a way for you to peek your head in the door and talk to the actual members of the site who’ve also been there a while. Make sure they have some way for you to implement the course training in real time and make sure they are supportive, especially to those who are new to the internet business concepts.

One of the reasons the internet marketing career is recession proof is that it’s built around sharing what you know, offering others information. People will always need information on millions of niche concepts. Everyone has something to share, something they are passionate about and have spent some time learning. Building sites that share that knowledge can generate an income. Even people in the offline career who loses their job will need to research resume writing, passing an interview, or even learning how to change career paths efficiently.

Others will want to know how water heaters work and how to shop for the best one. The potential here is unlimited, and whatever it is your passionate about can easily factor into it. One of the things that tailors this to each person is that your not limited by a boxed in career title, you can build sites about literally anything and you can change what you share as your interests change! This helps you to stay focused, enjoy your work, and combines some work with an equal amount of pleasure. This is a balance that is hard to find in the offline job market.