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Roles Played by Law in the Community

Law is a system of rules recognized by a particular community or a country. there are penalties that come with breaking the established standards in a community. Under the established rules there is particular conduct expected from all the key players. There are set out rules that apply to the whole nation and others that apply to a particular person. The importance of the law is paramount for better survival of the community. Without existing norms and regulations the society we are living in today would be far different as we struggle to secure a good control of the future generations.

Laws safeguard the people from violence. The laws in an active legal system ensures that its citizens from any harm propagated to them. Any The physical violence could lead to wars and some extent death. The adherence to the set-out rules is an essential pillar to ensuring peace of the communities and different races in a particular nation. Incitement of different communities that could cause violence minimized by the existence of the rule of law. Development of laws governing all the states of the world have created an excellent platform for the achievement of democracy.

The city can move on swiftly with the existence of rules governing it. Education is protected by the role as a key pillar of the development. It have created an excellent platform for the growth of technology in the countries and also its use. different laws have played a significant role in ensuring that community growth is protected. Patients and doctors are protected by the government of laws. The medical services being entrusted with patients’ lives have rules to be followed to protect the lives.

Laws have helped in achieving an orderly society. Its necessary to protect the environment and the same is captured in the laws set out in different nations of the world. This is vital in protecting the environment we all live in and make sure it will be safe for the generations to us. The set out laws prevent spread of diseases that could wipe out the human race. The rule of law is stringent on nuclear weapons that could cause harm to the world as a whole.

Rules have been set out to make sure that the rights of individuals are protected and adhered to. These rights are well protected by the existing laws to make sure that a community lives in peace. People can carry out their private issues without interference. Laws have stated how people live together without interference from other people. Marriage, as an institution is protected by the law. Law recognizes that destruction of the essential components of a community is damage to a nation. Community thrives well where there is the rule of law.

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