Is Email An Important Part Of Your Internet Marketing Strategy?

People have mixed feelings about email. They use it, they read it and they hate it. Separating out the spam is an important feature on every email program. However, any business that doesn’t have an effective email plan for communicating with current and prospective customers is letting a lot of business go to the other guy. It takes some time and thought to set up an effective email marketing program, but much of it can be automated.

How Effective is Email Marketing?

The answer to that question is easy. Just think about the last time something was purchased from Amazon. A series of emails were received after the purchase. Periodically, further emails would be received about other items that might be of interest or a sale offer. Email marketing seems to work pretty well for them.

Don’t People Think Emails are Spammy?

Yes and no. They will if emails are sent too often, but not if emails are only sent periodically and include something that will interest the recipient.

  • If a product that they bought or expressed an interest in is going on sale, that would be a good reason to send an email.
  • A beauty salon or spa could send an email before a holiday about holiday specials, gift certificates or as a reminder to schedule an appointment.
  • People love tips and how-to’s; a brief, informative email sent at an appropriate time helps to keep the business in front of the customer.

Some Interesting Statistics about Email

  • Permission-based emails are how 77% of consumers prefer to receive marketing communications.
  • 44% of consumers made a purchase at least once last year because of a promotional email.
  • A short subject line (less than 10 characters) garnered an open rate of 58%.
  • 64% of consumers open or discard an email based only on the subject line.
  • 70% of the people used a coupon or discount received via email about once a week.
  • Emails sent on Monday produced the most revenue.
  • 64% of the people who make buying decisions read their emails on a mobile device.
  • There are expected to be 4.3 billion email accounts by 2016; in 2013, there were 3.6 billion email accounts.

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