Kingstar Direct Media Advertising: Why You Should Target A Specific Market

One of the greatest advertising mistakes you can make is thinking that your advertising message or script will appeal to everybody. Actually, when you attempt to advertise to everyone, you are in effect advertising to nobody. Marketing messages that concentrate on everybody are usually too watered down and cannot produce maximum impact. Nevertheless, by identifying your target audience and working with Kingstar Direct Media, you’ll be a lot more efficient at connecting with them via a pertinent message which speaks to their requirements.

When targeting a particular audience, you should take some time to pinpoint your ideal prospects. What this means is that you should ascertain the qualities of the individuals who you think will most likely purchase your services or products. These qualities, which are typically referred to as a “Customer Avatar,” are essential when you are attempting to sell your products to a group of individuals. Some of the traits that advertising firms and agencies focus on include age, ethnic group, gender, income level, and geographical location.

If, for example, you sell shoes used by athletes. Different individuals may be interested in these shoes for various reasons. Some might be competitive or professional athletes, and are searching for the latest advances in technology to improve their performance. Others might be individuals who exercise regularly, and require quality shoes for their activity. And still others might be simply searching for style or comfort in their purchase. This example includes at least four distinct target markets.

Thus, how can you determine the marketing message that will be most efficient at promoting your shoes? Apparently, one advertising message will not appeal to each of these groups of individuals. This is why it is a good idea to ascertain your target market and create a marketing campaign around their needs and their story. If, for example, you choose to target people who exercise on a regular basis, a message which speaks to their need to have top quality shoes to utilize during their exercise routine will be much more powerful that a message that simple says “we sell fantastic footwear.” Thus, when thinking about your next campaign, take some time to consider who you are attempting to reach with your advertising message.