Learning More About Food Technology Company Hampton Creek on Facebook.com

Food producers like Hampton Creek have the potential to make life easier for people who choose not to eat certain types of meat or animal-based processed foods. At the moment, this company’s product line is small, but it intends to make a big splash in the future. People looking for vegetarian and vegan recipes can check out Hampton Creek on Facebook.com and find a plethora of possibilities. They can also learn more about Hampton Creek’s mission and the various products it currently offers. They’ll learn about the unlikely success of this organization and the support it’s received from some very influential individuals and corporations in the business world. Also of interest is information on upcoming food products that should be on shelves relatively soon.

Sometimes religion is a factor in a person’s diet. People may not strictly adhere to all tenants of a particular religion but still hold to certain aspects they feel are important. A Jewish individual, for instance, may not follow the strict Orthodox Jewish life, but may still avoid eating any meat from pigs. Seventh-Day Adventists are encouraged to be vegetarians. In the Catholic tradition, eating meat except for seafood is to be abstained from during Lent. Some Christians extend this idea further and abstain from all meat throughout the entire season of Lent. Food-producing companies that offer tasty meat substitutes make these followers’ lives easier.

Religious dietary restrictions can be complex, especially when considering the varying ways that believers interpret and choose to follow these restrictions. Any strategies they can use to make the process less cumbersome is welcome. Hampton Creek currently is focusing on egg-free foods. This will be appealing to anyone who believes cruelty to animals is forbidden by their religion, since factory chicken farms are well-known for inhumane treatment of the birds. Other food technology companies want to make more affordable and better-tasting meat alternatives, since today’s veggie burgers and vegetarian chicken products haven’t been an enormous hit with the general public. Getting the right flavor and texture has proved to be difficult, but the newer upstart companies are eager to figure it out.