Learning to Live Active Healthy Lifestyles

Attention senior citizens in Florida: you can adopt strategies to stay out of nursing homes and continue to live in the comfort of your own homes. So says a new study from Rutgers University, which has tracked over the past 20 years a large cohort of adults aged 46 to 64 years old. The keys are to keep fit and to modify your homes to accommodate your evolving needs.

The study was designed to keep tabs on the lifestyle habits of participants. Some of the parameters monitored included:

  • ·       Physical activity
  • ·       Smoking
  • ·       Weight
  • ·       Blood pressure
  • ·       Diseases such as adult onset (Type 2) diabetes

The last parameter was very important, because it turns out that individuals who developed Type 2 diabetes are three times more likely to end up in a nursing home. Smoking is also very bad – you will increase your likelihood of prematurely being warehoused in a senior facility by 56 percent if you smoke. If you are not keeping active, you will end up in the nursing home 40 percent faster. High blood pressure increased the speed of your confinement by 35 percent. Another problem you want to avoid is letting some physical disability keep you from functioning in your own home. For this last problem, you can contact a company specializing in Florida residential renovations to make sure your home supports your current needs.

But the best advice is to stop doing things to sabotage your own health:

1.    Stop smoking now. Even if you’ve smoked all your life, the second you quit your body starts to recover. You will also save a lot of money that you can spend on the grandkids instead of on the tobacco fat cats.

2.    Get moving. Just walking 20 minutes a day is a fantastic improvement over lying around all day. Besides, you may see something interesting when you walk.

3.    Quit eating French fries and doughnuts. Grease, sugar and salt are no good for you, and you know it. Don’t be a big baby – eat a salad or try a baked potato with low-fat yogurt instead of those soggy fries. Stay out of fast food joints altogether. A lot of neighborhoods have nice coffee shops and restaurants where you can get low fat foods, whole grains, and sugar-free drinks. Ban the salt shaker – salt raises your blood pressure.

If you don’t take care of yourself and your home, you are virtually guaranteed to end up as one of the forgotten residents in some crummy nursing home. Take charge of your life now!