Nutrition and Juice Cleanses

Proper nutrition is key to a healthy body, maintaining an appropriate weight and having energy to see you through your hectic day. Many people thing they are eating healthy, but may be getting proper nutrition. Many foods, even the healthier ones, are processed in such a way that the nutrients in them are diminished or were barely there from the beginning. A perfect example of this is juice. Fruit juices may be made from 100% of a fruit, like grapes for example, but if they are pasteurized, the heating involved in that process destroys most of the nutrients and minerals and retains very little of its nutritional value. It can now sit on the shelf for months, but it lacks any real nutrition and you are not getting a healthy juice drink.

A healthy juice product needs to be cold pressed if it is going to retain its nutritional value. Cold pressed is a process by which the entire fruit or vegetable is pressed by thousands of pounds of hydraulic pressure and 100% of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes remains in the resulting juice. This process produces juice that is fresh and nutritious from the time it is made to the time it is consumed as long as you keep it cold. You need to start with raw, organic fruits and vegetables and the juice will last from 3 to 5 days. It is made in small batches so you have to pre-order it 48 hours in advance whether you are buying it online or going to the storefront in Ohio. You can go now for the details and logistics or ordering. There are several flavors from which to choose. Each flavor of juice is free of concentrates, preservatives, additives, coloring and sweeteners.

Juices are used in certain combination and packaged together to cleanse, detoxify and alkalize the body. They are available in 1 to 5 day cleanses and help rid the body of the build up of chemicals, pesticides, toxins, parasites and heavy metals from pollutants and processed foods. Cleanses detoxify the colon, kidneys, liver, gall bladder and blood while giving you increased energy throughout the process. cleanses are healthy for the body, but you should consult your doctor before starting one, especially for the first time.