OptionsXpress Expands Their Mobile Offerings

Even though Schwab acquired OptionsXpress in 2011, OptionsXpress continues to operate as a separate platform. The two platforms will be combined by 2015. While OptionsXpress is waiting to be combined into one platform with Schwab, they continue to move forward by developing new tools and expanding on old tools to best serve their clientele. Over the past year, they have focused on upgrading all of their mobile platforms. They have increased access to their All-in-One Trade Ticket and expanded upon their Walk Limit order forms. They have also expanded up Trading Patterns for mobile users. These updates have helped OptionsXpress stay on top of the trading market.

This past year OptionsXpress expanded upon their mobile platforms. You can now access their All-in-One Trade Ticket with your smart phone or tablet. This ticket allows you to complete all your trading in one spot. It is easy to start your day trading on your smart phone or tablet with this new integration.

If you want to trade three and four leg options strategies, you can now use the Walk Limit order type on your phone to complete these trades. It is easy to type up spread orders with Walk Limit. You can set the starting price, ending price and price increment with their new order form. It is very popular for spread and single leg traders.

You can now access OptionsXpress’s Trading Patterns feature via a mobile device. For over a decade, their Trading Patterns feature has been leading the way analyzing the equity that you have already bought. It allows you to see what other people who are trading the same equity as you also bought. You can now use the feature for options trading as well.

OptionsXpress continues to offer their clients the best trading experience possible through their All-in-One Trade Ticket, Walk Limit order forms, and Trading Patterns feature. They continue to evolve as they work on merging their platform with Schwab. If you want to check OptionsXpress for your trading needs, try out the OptionsXpress $100 promotion. You will receive $100 dollars just for signing up with OptionsXpress and utilizing their trading platform.