Quadcopters: The Most Popular Type of Drone

Drones are used for a variety of things, from taking photos of celebrity homes to collecting as hobby. Currently, the most widely used drone is the quadcopter. It is popular because it’s compact, has excellent precision control, and is agile and powerful while boasting amazing stability. The quadcopter design is useful for a variety of drones, from personal to commercial. However, industries like the armed forces prefer to use old school plane designs, but that hasn’t diminished the popularity of the quadcopter in any way.

The quadcopter design has actually been around for almost a century. The original quadcopter call the Oemichen was built in 1922, after other designs had failed. This original copter features vertical rotors that rotate in reverse as opposed to the larger rotors on top. Experts say that it was the first helicopter reliable enough to carry humans, but of course advanced technology wasn’t present in this model, as it is in today’s models.

Today, quadcopters are considered to have top-rated technology, but they aren’t popular with the mainstream aircraft industry because they are seen as unstable. However, they are becoming more popular with RC aircraft and drones. Recent updates have fixed design issues like limited stability and poor control, and the design has been made simpler. Newer quadcopters are more stable, simpler to control, and easier to fly. For example, the Phantom drone, the most popular quadcopter, is simple to fly with great examples of the many advances in drone technology. People interested in this quadcopter can check out a phantom drone review online.

Quadcopter technology is separated into two categories of gyroscopes: three-axis and six-axis gyroscopes. The three-axis gyroscope allows the pitch of the drone to be balanced automatically and the roll to flow easier, which will make the device hover easier. These drones are also easier to hold in one place without drifting astray in either direction. Three axis drones correct altitude displacement and are easier to center. Six axis gyroscope stabilization implements three additional accelerometers that allow for versatility. It helps the drone adjust to wind changes, and allows it to correct itself after crashing into something. Six axis stabilization is becoming cheaper as technology advances and improves, so one day people will be able to afford these types of drones.