Russell Richardson Shredding Company Offers Many Services

Russell Richardson shredding company offers a variety of services including paper shredding and product destruction. Secure shredding can be done on-site or off-site. A fleet of trucks of varying sizes go to your location and shred your paper there so you know none of your confidential material was ever compromised. You will always get a certificate of destruction once the task is complete. Off-site confidential document shredding is recommended for bulkier items and tends to be a bit more economical than on-site. CD’s, memory sticks and mobile phones can also be destroyed either on or off site.

Uniform and product destruction is another service of the russell richardson shredding company. Police force, public utlility, and security forces uniforms need to be destroyed rather than simply thrown out to avoid impersonations, misrepresentations, and security breeches. Other items such as branded materials or promotional items that are subject to counterfeiting should be destroyed instead of thrown in a wastebasket. Most of the time, these items are brought in by the customer, but they can also be collected if needed. These items are destroyed immediately.

WEEE and IT items, as well as bigger computers and devices, require paper work be filled out for the Environmental Agency. The company can assist you with that process and then securely dispose of the information and recycle the blank device appropriately for you. This is convenient and can save you and your business money and liability worries regarding confidential information or secured data. Companies, businesses and individuals have been fined heavily for not guarding confidentiality or properly shredding information.

If you own a business that deals with secure data or requires people’s confidential information, you need to be responsible for the protection of that material. This applies to banks, hospitals, solicitors, mortgage brokers and realitors just to give a few examples. Find a company that will professionally handle the shredding and destruction of such material and you will be glad you did. Many companies offer shredding services, so look for one that has been in business awhile and has a reputation for customer satisfaction. Not only will you save time and money, you will keep yourself free from penalties, fines, and liability law suits.