SEO for Car Dealers Must Be an Ongoing Process

As small and mid-sized car dealerships sometimes struggle to keep their website high in search rankings, they feel frustrated when search engine management makes significant changes that affect search results. They may feel it’s not fair when they have finally devised a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that works well, only to have the company running the online searches ruin that strategy seemingly overnight. In truth, these companies are primarily trying to please their customers, who are the individuals searching for information online. SEO for Car Dealers must be an ongoing process as search engine managers repeatedly adjust ranking methods.

One of these high-tech companies may discover that their customers don’t like getting results from certain websites. A search engine may have an option for individuals to opt out of receiving results from certain sites, for example. If enough people block specific sites from the results, it’s a clear signal that a problem exists.

Managers also keep an eye out for sites filled with content that is completely useless to site visitors. For instance, articles may be written in near gibberish, with strings of words and phrases that are nonsensical. They may be written in poor English, making it clear the author is relatively unskilled in the language. They may essentially be copies of other articles but rewritten with awkward, exceptionally wordy or flowery language to disguise the copying. Getting results like these is frustrating for people searching for valuable information.

Small and mid-sized car dealership owners may start to consider doing away with most of the text on the site and instead relying on listing the most basic details of vehicles along with plenty of pictures. The problem with this strategy is that search engines can’t find pictures unless the images are tagged with a text description. Pictures are superb features for website visitors, but on their own with no description, they don’t help boost search rankings. Well-crafted, interesting product descriptions can help drive the site higher in rankings and also hold the attention of potential customers. Search engines also tend to respond well to sites with landing pages and short written pieces about categories of products, such as makes and models of vehicles.