The Benefits of Natural Tea Powder

Matcha Green Tea is a high quality tea from Japan that is made out of finely pressed powder and has been around for many centuries. High in amino acids, this tea has an extremely sweeter taste than any other teas. In the United States this tea has become increasingly popular over the past few years due to the many health benefits and can now be found in places such as Starbucks or other similar coffee houses. It is also regularly used to sweeten chocolates, cakes, ice cream, and puddings.

Many people have now realized there are many more health benefits of drinking japanese matcha green tea powder than just using it for the power it has to energize the body. It not only promotes energy, but it also has much needed nutritional value that is equivalent to ten cups of regular green tea, this may be because the entire leaf is crushed up and used. The green tea leaf goes through a special process to make sure that all of the chlorophyll is kept in the leaf. They are grown only in the shade; once they are picked they are then put through a steamer and eventually dried. The entire leaf is then made into a very fine powder.

The powerful antioxidants known as EGCg are the same antioxidants that fight cancer. Combine that with the extensive amount of Vitamin C, people are much less likely to get sick with any viral illnesses. It also contains a high level of fiber, as well as lowers blood sugar for those with diabetes. Those who enjoy this regularly may notice a difference in their overall health, the heightened ability to focus or concentrate better as well as noticeable weight loss. This tea can actually burn four times more calories than other weight loss pills without adding any extra and unneeded anxiety. There are too many health benefits to name, and people can now enjoy drinking this as either a tea or even adding it to their baked desserts. With no side effects that have been reported at this time, this is a safe and effective daily supplement to add to any diet.