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On Getting A Lawsuit Funding For The Litigation Of Your Wrongful Termination Getting a no-risk lawsuit loan for your wrongful termination lawsuit A non-recourse cash advance that is usually provided to the involved plaintiff in the event of a wrongful termination or discharge litigation is what you call a wrongful termination lawsuit, and this is given to the plaintiff even before the settlement of the lawsuit issue. Not all plaintiffs who have been involved in a wrongful discharge litigation or any type of wrongful termination are aware that their potential lawsuit settlement could be used as a collateral in order to get a pre settlement cash with no recourse even before the settlement of the said lawsuit.
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The moment an employee is discharged from employment due to reasons that are not stated in the company policy or if the company policy itself is violated as a direct result to the discharge of the employee wrongful termination takes place. Most experts are having a rough estimate of about 250,000 workers that are experiencing wrongful termination each year and these numbers does not even include the justifiable termination statistics. What are the circumstances that will make someone eligible for lawsuit funding? Employees that have a pending lawsuit settlement when they have filed a lawsuit from a unjustifiable layoffs with the help of an attorney are eligible for a lawsuit loan. What is the difference between a wrongful termination lawsuit funding to a regular type of loan? The wrongful termination that is provided as a lawsuit funding is base solely on the amount of pending litigation of the plaintiff, which means that the cash advance a plaintiff could bring in, will depend only on the amount of unsettled litigation he or she has. Lawsuit loan could be the term referred to these types of transactions, however in a sense this is not true because the money that is involved in the transaction will not be paid back unless a settlement on the pending lawsuits have been made or won. In general lawsuit funding can be considered secured and non-recourse debt because of the main reason that in the event that the defendant has won the case, the plaintiff is not obliged to pay for the cash advance he had made as a lawsuit funding and thus it is automatically forgiven. Thus, also automatically absolving the plaintiff from the payment of the loss of debt that he has made. This is indeed a form of non-recourse settlement loan that is only paid back in the event the case has been won. The other forms of wrongful termination terminologies Wrongful termination is one of the mostly used term. The other type of term used for this particular case is unfair employment discharge. The nature of wrongful discharge lawsuit to be of high value and complicated cases there only few lawsuit funding companies that provides settlement loans for them.