The First Steps of Filing for Divorce

No one ever expects that there will come a day where the person they love the most will suddenly become someone they are no longer able to live with happily. Marriages do not just fall apart in one single moment, the problems often sneak up on couples over time. By the time one member or the other has decided to file for divorce, the rift between them is often too deep to overcome.

Because so much is involved in a marriage, not just emotionally, but legally, getting a divorce is not as easy as some might think. There process for filing for divorce in California can seem overly complex to some. But these standards have been set to force couples to think through their decision and legally decide what will happen with property and children, rather than just make choices based on anger or emotion.

It is always a good idea to write out what you think will be a fair arrangement prior to filing for divorce. If communication is still possible between the couple, a lot of the difficult decisions can be made prior to filling out any forms. This obviously includes the issues of child custody and child support. Since these are priorities which will be at the forefront of all paperwork from the beginning, having a consensus at the start can speed up the process.

Unfortunately, by the time most couples have reached the point of divorce, they have lost the willingness to negotiate with each other. In many instances this means that they will need to have either a mediator or lawyers help them to reach a settlement they can each agree on. If your relationship has become too contentious to negotiate, or you feel your safety may be at stake, do not hesitate to contact an attorney prior to taking any other steps.

You can get more information about the divorce process and what to expect through each stage from It is important to realize the website, as well as this information, should not be considered legal advice. This is simply being offered for informational purposes. Only a qualified attorney, licensed to practice in your area can provide you with legal advice about how to proceed with your case.