The History of Music, The History of Culture

In the days before written history, there was a universal form of communication developed independently in every single culture in the world. Before written text existed the only form of communication was music. Text-based communication developed long after sound-based communication and was most likely actually influenced by ancient or early music. Ancient peoples found that using common objects and materials to make sound allowed them to convey concepts that might have impossible or at least very difficult by other means. This allowed early people to reach out to others as never before, which means that music could possibly be the root origin of man kinds earliest cultures. Although there is still a lot of debate over the subject, the history of music is a rich and interesting subject anyone can learn from.

Once the value of music was discovered instruments were invented. By using more exotic materials early people discovered that unique sounds could be created. This opened new avenues of communication and the realization that music was more than a tool, it was a pleasurable activity worthy of admiration. Skilled musicians continued to discover new sounds and develop new ways to make sounds. This lead the Ancient music era to the Early music era. This era took place from five hundred A.D. to around sixteen-hundred and seventy. The beginning of the early era signaled the end of the Ancient era, unlike the Common Practice era which began approximately in the year sixteen hundred. This era is most commonly known as Classical.

The Contemporary era is thought to have begun around nineteen hundred and continues to this day. Most modern music is based on digital emulation of classic instruments or modifications thereof. Purely digital music is commonly mistaken for sounds created by instruments. This allows modern musicians to work with sounds they might not have the skill to create otherwise. More importantly, more people are able to create music and share it with the world. Some might consider this the golden age of music but many believe there is infinitely more to come and that music will continue to evolve with cultures throughout the world.