Understanding Property Bail Bonds in Birmingham, AL

Most consumers have a basic understanding of bail bonds and how they work, but are confused when it comes to the specific types of Bail Bonds Birmingham AL. A property bond is a good example of where this confusion comes in. There are rules for property located in Shelby County and additional rules for that property located in other areas, such as Jefferson County. In addition, consumers are often confused as to the rules for residential and commercial property. This information must be obtained before one chooses to pursue Bail Bonds Birmingham AL.

For property bonds in Birmingham, one must determine where the property is located. Property located within the county may have the bond approved in the sheriff’s office. If the property is located in another county, the person requesting the bond must go to that county’s sheriff’s office for bond approval, then the papers must be brought to Shelby County. For a property located in another county, the bond must meet that county’s requirements rather than the requirements of Shelby County.

One may use a property for multiple bonds, yet the cumulative amount of the bonds cannot exceed the total amount of the property. When more than one person is listed on a property title, all must be present during the bond signing, and the person the bond is being obtained for cannot be listed on this title. For commercial properties, individuals need to show authorization from the company before the bond may be signed and used for this purpose. In addition, the sheriff or a person designated by the sheriff must approve this bond.

This is a common option selected by those choosing to obtain a bond to secure the release of an individual. Others may choose a cash bond or another form of bond, depending on what options are given by the court. Individuals need to understand that a property bond cannot be obtained for a purge bond within the county. Purge bonds may only be paid using a cashier’s check or money order and must be made payable to the clerk of the court. If the clerk’s office is closed, one may present the payment to the jail.

Understand bond options within the county. Doing so saves a great deal of time and headache for all involved. Furthermore, it secures the release of the defendant in a shorter time period when one follows the steps.

Source: BailBondsBirminghamAL.com