Understanding the Different Types of Bail Bonds in Birmingham, AL

When you find yourself in need of Bail Bonds Birmingham AL, you may be confused by the many types available to you. Bail Bonds Birmingham AL are nothing more than a legal contract drawn up between the defendant, the bondsman, and the court which states the defendant will appear in court as ordered. If the defendant fails to appear in the court, whether it be in Jefferson County, Shelby County, or any other county, the bail money is then forfeited to the court. There are many types of bail bonds to choose from. Here are some of the most common.

  • Cash bonds are nothing more than cash which is provided to the court to secure one’s release. In certain jurisdictions, the court may accept personal or cashier’s checks, credit cards, or a money order. Anyone may post this type of bail and a bail bondsman may be used in this situation, if one doessn’t have the cash needed to secure the release.
  • Surety bonds are what most think of when they discuss bail bonds. With this type of bond, a fee is paid to the bail bondsman and he or she fronts the rest of the money to ensure the defendant appears in court. In many cases, the fee is ten percent of the bail. One must put up collateral to secure the bond and reduce the risk of the bondsman. If the defendant fails to appear at his or her court dates, the bondsman loses the money and will turn to bail enforcement agents and co-signers.
  • Property or secured bonds involve one putting up real estate to secure the defendant’s release. The court may then foreclose on this property if the defendant does not appear for court dates. In many cases, the court requires the property value to be double the bond amount.

Consider all bond types to determine which best applies in your situation. No matter which type is chosen, the bond is designed to secure one’s release. Speak to the bail bondsman to decide which is best to secure the person’s release so he or she can participate in building their defense and moving forward with their life.