Using comedy training videos to improve Forklift training results

Much like learning to drive a car, industrial Forklift training almost always involves theoretical and practical study and assessment. Both are equally important in assessing the competence of Lift Truck operatives though theory training can sometimes be disengaging, especially for experienced Forklift Truck drivers who may only be receiving Counterbalance training to refresh their knowledge of current law and legislation.

To combat this, many providers of Forklift training make use of instructional videos when delivering Counterbalance training. Some of these videos are light hearted so to furthermore engage with learners.

Perhaps the most well-known of these Forklift training videos  is a German produced video called ‘Klaus – First Day on the Job’. Produced in the 90’s as a parody of some of the other training videos available, ‘First Day on the Job’ uses slapstick comedy to highlight bad practice and demonstrate some of the absolute do’s and don’ts of Forklift Truck driving. It’s surprisingly effective and entertaining, having received a number of accolades I would say it’s worth watching even if you never plan to operate a Counterbalance Forklift truck.

The reality of many Forklift training sessions is that participants are not there because they want to be, but because they must complete Counterbalance training to conform with Health and Safety regulations to be allowed to operate a Counterbalance Lift Truck in their workplace. Humorous training videos can work as an adhesive on Forklift training courses where candidates may not know one another. Sharing this experience can help to bond a group which in turn could yield better results from the training session. High quality Counterbalance training means a safer working environment and a reduction in the number of workplace accidents involving Forklift Trucks.