Virtual Phone Numbers Provide Greater Flexibility and More Options to Users

Even as other forms of long-distance communication proliferate, the telephone remains critical and central to the lives of many. Of course, the march of technology has brought many new features to that relatively well-established method of communicating over distances, as with the spread of mobile phones that mean that many people are never more than an arm’s length from a handset. Some less obvious but equally significant innovations, too, are transforming the ways that people think of and use the telephone.

One of the most interesting and important of these is the virtual number. Invented as part of the ongoing digital revolution, numbers of this sort are not tied to any particular handset or land line termination. Instead, calls that are directed toward them can be routed as the owners of the numbers desire, granting a degree of flexibility and convenience that is making them more of a mainstay for many active telephone users.

Many people, for example, currently juggle a number of different telephone numbers, handing different ones of them out as they judge appropriate to different people. One number might represent an office land line, for example, while another does the same for a home, and a third is tied to a cell phone.

Instead of doing this, those finding themselves dealing with such a number of options could instead acquire a single virtual number from a service like Once that number is properly set up, it can be given out instead of any of the others, so that the owner of the number only has to worry about spreading a single number around.

Thereafter, the number’s owner can decide just how it will work. The owner can typically set things up, for example, such that most calls to the number during office hours will be directed to an office phone line, while a few that come from numbers known to belong to family and friends end up ringing the owner’s cell phone instead. Arrangements of this sort often even make it easy for those who use them to automatically send certain callers directly to voice mail or otherwise redirect them, giving the owners ultimate control.