What Does a Denver Public Adjuster Do For You?

A Denver Public Adjuster can be your greatest ally when you have to deal with frustrating insurance companies that just don’t want to offer you fair compensation for your damages or loss. A public adjuster is different than an insurance company adjuster because the public adjuster works only for you. They are independently employed people who are there to help with claim settlement and negotiation, especially in situations where there might be some dispute.

Instead of being an insurance company employee, a public adjuster in Denver is working exclusively for the policy holder. This means the public adjuster will be authorized to be your representative in negotiations, much like a lawyer would. The public adjuster’s primary goal is securing the maximum possible settlement from the insurance company, and he will often be negotiating directly with the adjuster from the insurance company on your behalf.

Every claim may not require the help of a public adjuster. However, if you think of the insurance claims you have had in the past and consider the amounts of the settlements, you may understand why a public adjuster can help so much. Did you get far less than you felt like you were owed in a previous settlement? Did the insurance company not give you enough to adequately repair or replace your home or vehicle? This happens all too often, but a public adjuster is there to stop situations like that from occurring.

Most people end up settling for whatever the insurance adjuster offers them. Sometimes, they are unaware that negotiation is an option, and other times, they are afraid that trying to negotiate may make matters even worse. An inexperienced person trying to negotiate on their own can indeed cause issues in an insurance settlement. On the other hand, when the insurance company sees you have a professional public adjuster representing you, they will usually be much more willing to give you a fair deal. The insurance companies know public adjusters are totally client focused, and they will never settle for less than every cent their client is owed for a claim or settlement.