What to Do After Suffering a Dog Attack

Dog bites are more common than people might think; myriads of people around Canada will find themselves at the mercy of a canine each and every year, many times within the vicinity of their homes.

The injuries suffered from a dog bite will vary from the trivial to the serious and can cause considerable pain, disfigurement and even death; and that isn’t even taking into account the financial strain that might result.

Canadian law is pretty clear when it comes to issues of personal injury; referring to those physical and mental injuries resulting from the negligence of individuals or business entities, Canada’s personal injury law entitles victims of personal injuries to compensation from those parties that are found to be directly or indirectly responsible for the manifestation of the injury. The Dog Owner’s Liability Act (DOLA) can hold dog owners personally responsible to injuries suffered by someone else as a result of an attack by your dog.

The issue of personal injury will typically raise images of brutal car accidents, suspicious deaths on the surgeon’s table and the like; not many people realize that even that bite suffered under the jaws of a dog constitutes a personal injury worthy of a dog bite lawsuit.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Ottawa Injury Attorneys recommends that the first call anyone that has suffered injury as a result of an assault from a dog should make is to a personal injurylaw firm; while it is possible to represent yourself, only those dog bite lawsuits benefiting from the skills of a personal injury lawyer can expect to achieve a positive result.

The primary role of the personal injury lawyer in a dog bite lawsuit will revolve around proving liability, the difficulty depending upon the location in question. The laws governing liability in Ottawa are likely to vary from similar laws in Vancouver; typically accountability will fall at the feet of the dog owner, with the personal injury lawyer working to hold them liable for any damaged incurred.

The location of the incident, on a whole, doesn’t matter. Whether you were bitten in the owner’s living room or in a park several miles away, strict liability will hold the dog owner accountable for the actions of their dog whether or not they were aware of the viciousness of the canine.

Besides the owner, the individual under whose care the dog was at the time of the bite is likely to be held equally responsible for the actions of their four legged charge, with personal injury lawyers working to paint them as negligent in their ability to care for and restrain the animal.

Skilled personal injury lawyers can even go so far as to hold the proprietors of the property within which the dog bite occurred responsible, such as the landlord of the home where the injury was suffered.

Most personal injury lawyers will admit that achieving victory is no easy task, especially when dog owners are frequently using the idea that their dog might have been provoked as a defense.

The key to victory often lies in revealing any history of vicious and violent behavior on the part of the dog, in which case dog owners can be held responsible for having failed to take the necessary precautions.

The majority of Canada’s provinces have laws that govern the restraining of dogs in public places, whose violation often provides personal injury lawyers the ammunition they need to win difficult dog bite lawsuits.

It is for this reason that victims of dog bites are advised to reach out to injury lawyers specifically well versed in dog bite lawsuits. A thorough and experienced understanding of the field of dog bite lawsuits will favor dog bite victims.

Getting Compensation for Your Injuries

It is always important for victims of dog bites to realize that they are just that, the victim and it is within their right to seek out compensation for injuries suffered because, in most cases-precluding freak accidents- there are always actions the dog owner or minder could have taken to avoid the incident.

Personal injury lawyers are not always called upon to win dog bite lawsuits; many times they are necessary to contend with difficult insurance agents unwilling to meet their financial obligations to their clients.

Victims of dog bites are always encouraged to make attempts to reach an understanding with liable dog owners; where this option isn’t available, one shouldn’t be afraid to pursue a dog bite lawsuit, not with the sorts of serious injuries and consequences that can result from a dog bite.