What to Look for in a Phone System for Small Businesses

Setting up a new business means making an investment in communication equipment. When considering different options, it pays to go with a system that includes all the features needed today and in the future. Keep these ideas in mind when evaluating any phone system for small businesses and the final choice will serve the company well for years.

Easy to Expand

Always go with a phone system that will handle more extensions than are needed at first. After all, the plan is to grow the business over time. That will mean hiring additional people to handle the increased workload. If the system can be expanded to include twice the number of extensions that are needed today, then it will easily be enough for the next several years.

Options for Setting Up Voice Mail

Every extension will require a voicemail box for use when an employee is already on a call or away from the office. The system should allow for easy setup of the voicemail in terms of customizing the message. In addition, the employee should be able to dial into the phone network and use secure codes to reach his or her voicemail. That makes it all the easier for salespeople and others traveling to check their messages and respond in a timely manner.

Other Key Features to Consider

Make sure the phone system chosen includes features like paging and intercom applications. It also helps to have a system with a robust auto attendant that helps callers get to someone who can help them. Consider opting for a system that will work with Internet protocol systems for the transmission of voice and data to office phones and any mobile units integrated into the system. Even if the need for some of these services is not immediate, having them in place will mean there are no delays when they do become necessary.

Remember that while money may be tight during the initial setup of the business, it pays to spend a little more money on the right phone system. This approach can be seen as an investment, since the system will grow right along with the company. It will also mean not having to replace that system for several years, effectively justifying the higher upfront cost.