What Trends are Impacting SEO Strategies?

In the past, websites could easily be successful without a lot of intervention from SEO specialists. The industry was in its infancy, and it was relatively easy to be found on search engines. Today, that’s all changed. Each iteration of the algorithms from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines makes it more problematic for websites to rank in a position where consumers will see them. Even sites ranked at the top of the heap prior to the later part of 2015 found competitors had overtaken them and bumped them off the first page of search returns. That’s why SEO updates have become increasingly important for generating profits.

What Changed?

Google revised their algorithms to incorporate machine learning into the ranking process. Commonly referred to as RankBrain, Google’s new strategy looks for ways to deal with the vague language people use when entering a search query. In fact, the process actually works well for steering customers to appropriate sites, but the changes pose issues for website owners and designers. Strategies successful a few months ago may, for many websites, need to be updated to take advantage of RankBrain and other updates. However, there are other factors impacting how websites are designed.

What Cultural Evolutions are Impacting a Website’s Success?

The biggest single change in how users view the Internet and use information contained on websites is the rapid transition from desktop and laptop computers to mobile devices. The adoption of mobile devices has increased every year since the introduction of the mobile phone. When tablet computers entered the fray, the transition from larger computers further accelerated. Today, various sources report that approximately two-thirds of adults in the United States carry and use smartphones. With the proliferation of apps readily available, those users spend an increasing amount of time on their phones and use them to find products and services. That means organizations must redesign older sites or create new sites to take advantage of that cultural shift.

An Atlanta SEO company will work with clients to make sure they take advantage of both the new search engine algorithms and the shift to mobile devices. Staying on top of current trends should be a top priority of any website owner, and adopting strategies to take advantage of those trends is the best way to entice visitors to a site and turn those visits into profits.