Who creates the most effective websites in Toronto Canada?

Now that Google has announced that any business website that does not appear properly on a mobile device will begin to lose search ranking strength, you need to get serious about updating your company’s website.

If your business needs customers from the Toronto area and the GTA and your website is not mobile responsive, local searchers can’t use your website. The time you have to catch someone’s attention on a mobile phone or tablet is less than five (5) seconds. If your website is not readable or if the buttons are too small to click easily, mobile users will simply drop your site and move on to the next one.

When searching on the internet near Toronto, customers on a mobile device want to see what your business sells or the type of service you provide, they want to know about your different services or your menu items and then they want easy tabs to call or to get directions to visit your location. If they can’t easily read this information, why would they stay on your site? They don’t! The Optimized Web Designer team in Toronto Canada, has been publishing articles and building mobile responsive websites since before anyone else thought it was important. You need to connect to web developers like this to improve your company’s online presence. These guys and gals are sharp!

Mobile shoppers are mostly younger, more sophisticated users. But they’re not kids. Anyone under 60 carries their mobile phone and uses it to search. They use their device all day and night practically. They use it to find restaurants, hair salons, sports stores and any other product they are interested in. So if you want their business and revenue steam, you need to provide them with an easy way to stay in touch. The best Mobile Web Designers in Toronto are at http://TheOptimizedWebDesigner.com. They are truly the experts at responsive web design and mobile app development and they have extremely low budget plans to get you started. Check them out. They are the very best.