Why Should You Consider Hiring an Attorney for Estate Planning?

Taking care of your estate well before your death is extremely important for your family. Many people make the mistake of thinking estate planning is only for the rich or the very old. The truth is, if you own any property, that is your estate. You should begin estate planning if you are over the age of twenty-five or have a spouse and children. To help ensure your estate will be settled correctly and lawfully, it is a good idea to hire an estate planning attorney in Salem Virginia.

Estate planning first involves establishing your will. This will include information on your heirs and who gets what out of your estate. Your will will also include information on who you want to take over as guardian of your minor children. If you die without a will, this is considered dying intestate. If this happens, your estate will go to your spouse and children, and the court will decide who has guardianship of your minors. In the event you do not have a spouse or children, the state will take control of your property.

You will also need to finalize certain legal documents. These include:

  • Choosing a power of attorney. The person you choose will have the power to make important financial decisions, should you become incapacitated because of injury or illness.
  • A release of information form will be used to allow your doctor to release any pertinent medical records to those who need it to finalize your estate
  • Advance directives will need to be filled out. This will name your wishes for life-saving measures. If you prefer to have no life support, you will need to state this.

It is a good idea to begin preparing your family for your wishes as you plan your estate. This can help you to avoid issues that might lead to long and drawn-out probate periods. If you are in need of estate planning services, contact the attorney for a free consultation so you can learn what services can be provided. This will assist you in getting the legal help you need so you can finalize your estate.