Why the Time Might be Right for a Gold IRA

For many years, savvy investors have been investing in precious metals as often as possible. While some people may argue about how much precious metal investments should be held in the standard portfolio, most investors will agree that having a certain exposure to precious metals, such as gold, is an excellent way to not only diversify your portfolio, but to help guard against inflation and market instability. However, because of the relatively high price of gold per ounce, most average investors feel that investing a great deal of money in gold simply isn’t affordable. Fortunately, with a Fidelity gold IRA, investing in gold has never been easier.

In essence you have two choices. You can open up a brand new IRA, but instead of the IRA being a traditional or a Roth IRA, you can opt for precious metals, such as gold, to make up the value of the individual retirement account. Of course, if you have a fair amount of disposable income, this may be your best option. However, if you feel that your current IRA simply isn’t performing like you want it to, and you’re looking for a way to get better returns on your investment, you can take existing funds from a traditional or a Roth IRA and roll them over into a gold IRA account.

However, it’s important that you choose a company that specializes in gold IRAs. The reason for this is that the rules regarding a gold IRA are much different than standard individual retirement accounts. Unless the rollover is handled properly, you could inadvertently be responsible for taxes on the money that you take from an existing IRA account and rolling over into a gold IRA. These taxes could make a big dent in the type of returns you have received on your money so far, and it can somewhat defeat the purpose of an IRA altogether.

If you’re interested in improving your returns on investment, and you’ve always wanted to have exposure to precious metals, but you are unsure as to whether you can afford it or not, you might want to check out a gold IRA. With an ability to start slow and add more gold to your IRA account over time, as well as the incredible returns that this commodity is expected to offer in the near future, it’s something you’ll want to seriously consider.